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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ControlCenterXI, get the iOS Control Center 11 in iOS 10 (Cydia)

A few weeks ago  LaughingQuoll announced Eleven, a set of tweaks that aims to enable some of the features of iOS 11 in iOS 10.
Well, how part of it, has just been published ControlCenterXI , a tweak that enables the new iOS Control Center 11 in iOS 10.
Once installed, we will immediately notice the change, and it is practically impossible to differentiate it from what Apple has added in iOS 11. In addition, and like in Apple's new operating system, the tweak  is compatible with 3D Touch .

ControlCententerXI allows us to enjoy the Control Center of iOS 11 in iOS 10

Likewise, the tweak is configurable from its menu in Settings , where we can also access all tweaks that make Eleven in case you have installed one of them.
  • Adjust the radius of the corners of the Control Center
  • Show the wallpaper behind the Control Center interface
  • Provide a clearer graphical interface to the Control Center
On the other hand, it is very important to note that ControlCenterXI is fully compatible with FlipControlCenter , or what is the same, we can add shortcuts that Apple does not allow in iOS 10 how the possibility to enable / disable mobile data or record the screen Of our iPhone.
In short, if you want to enjoy one of the biggest changes of iOS 11 without needing to update your device, do not hesitate to install ControlCenterXI, a tweak as I said, practically fit the Control Center that Apple has introduced in iOS 11.
  • Name : ControlCenterXI
  • Compatibility : iOS 10
  • Price : $ 1.50
  • Repository : BigBoss

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