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Friday, July 7, 2017

Convert your Selfies into Stickers with this application from the creators of Prisma

Everyone will remember Prisma, that application that created authentic works of art with our photos applying filters based on different styles of painting. Well, the creators of Prisma return to the load with a simpler but equally impressive Application.
The application is called Sticky AL  and is used to make stickers of your Selfies or any photo in which people appear.
So far there is nothing strange, there are more applications that do similar things in the App Store, but what distinguishes this is that it works with the same artificial intelligence engine as prism and gets really impressive results in record time.
Once you launch the application you will see a simple interface, just the image that is capturing the front camera of your iPhone and a button to take a photo.
When you take a Selfie the application removes the background and only leaves your image. From there you can put a solid color background or apply a filter to your image. Everything works in the simplest way possible, you just have to touch the image or the background to change the style. You can also add text with different styles.
But the App does not stay there, if you hold the trigger button you will get a video, which will also be removed from the background, which the application will be responsible for converting Gif automatically and also you can apply funds and filters.
In short, an application to share impactful images made quickly in social networks or messaging Apps. All this with a really simple user experience, but hiding a really complex technology to eliminate funds in an amazingly fast.
The application was released yesterday in the App Store and for the moment included only a couple of filters and some funds. It is clear that it still has room for improvement, but we still recommend downloading it, it's free and we've been impressed ...

Sticky AI

By Prisma labs, inc.

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