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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Could this be the back of the iPhone 8?

For many months, rumors about the next renewal of the star terminal of the Cupertino do not cease. And is that currently the expectations on this terminal are very high , both by customers, as well as by the analysts and investors themselves.
To this day, we could conclude that we already know most of the technical specifications of this phone, although we still find certain questions in the final design of the body. It should be noted that aspects such as OLED screen or wireless charging would be the great novelties of this renewal that would have the purpose of commemorating the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone terminal launched to the market.

New leaks of iPhone 8 design

Just a few hours ago a possible design of the back of the iPhone 8 has been leaked . If we observe in detail the photograph we can see that the material used is the crystal. One of the main reasons why the Californian company would have used this material would be to be able to properly incorporate the wireless charging system .
On the other hand, aspects such as the vertical double chamber are also reflected in this design , so would reaffirm the majority of rumors and previous leaks.
And is that the day of the official presentation of the iPhone 8 few will be the technical specifications that we have yet to know of this device. Maybe the Californian firm has some ace hidden under the sleeve, although I sincerely doubt it.
Recall that three would be the devices to present: the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the more than expected iPhone 8 . As a detail, the iPhone 7s would be an improvement of the current iPhone model, while the iPhone 8 would be the main protagonist of the longed for event.
Still, it is noteworthy that they are rumors that have no officiality on the part of the company of the block . However, most of this type of leaks come from sources very close to the company, so it is very difficult to obviate them.

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