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Monday, July 3, 2017

Could this design of the iPhone 8 be the definitive one?

Expectations about the upcoming renovation of Cupertino's are very high. And is that we have long months with a constant wave of possible rumors, technical specifications, possible designs ... To this day, new data are still known about the next renewal of the California firm. What is it this time?
It should be noted that aspects such as OLED display, wireless charging or the possible integrated Touch ID would be the great novelties of the company. That is why we would be facing one of the most expensive renewals of the iPhone, so that would easily reach the 4 figures.

The iPhone 8: the most anticipated terminal of the moment

As the title of the article says, new sources have confirmed what would be the definitive external design of the next renewal of Californians . It should be noted that this is due to the different models that have been provided by the manufacturers themselves that are immersed in the production of the iPhone 8.
Without going further, you can see in the photographs what would be the Nodus cases , which are compatible with the filtered designs themselves.
There are aspects in these images that can not be appreciated, as would be the theme of the integrated Touch ID and compatible with the tactile fingerprints . To this day, we still find some unknowns in the next renewal of the Californian firm, although most of them have been filtered repeatedly.
From my point of view, this terminal would easily reach the goals and forecasts marked by the company . Although most of the new components and technologies are already in other market terminals, the iPhone 8 would not become another heap phone, since one of the most important features of Apple's philosophy is based on developing the technologies and Devices to perfection .

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