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Monday, July 24, 2017

Customize controls for AirPods on iOS 11

You may not have AirPods or iOS 11, which is still in its third beta phase . We will have to wait until fall to have the polished version of the new operating system that is still cooking in Cupertino, California .
Anyway, you may be using it and do not know a possibility with which you can make your experience with your Apple headphones something more comfortable, and why deny it, something more cool. In iOS 11 it is now possible to assign individual control options to the AirPod, both left and right. Double-tapping now allows you to activate Siri, play, pause, skip to the next track or return to the previous track. Let's see how it is done .
First Impressions AirPods

Customize the management of AirPods

To do this logically you must have them linked by Bluetooth . Once this is done, and from the same Bluetooth menu where your connected devices appear, touch the "i" of information that is just to the right. Then touch "Double-tap AirPods" and there you set the preferences for both headsets. You can ask him to:
  • Siri activated.
  • Play or stop the music.
  • Advance song.
  • Rewind song.
  • To turn off.
This way you can configure these preferences, so that when you touch one or other handset do what you have programmed .
It is true that we are already looking forward to seeing the final version of iOS 11, although there is still one section per floor. If you have had the opportunity to have gone testing it will have checked that it comes loaded with very interesting news , namely screen capture and recording, a new control center renovated and quite a few more utilities, such as a file folder that surely You can take advantage of it.
So you know, stay tuned or attentive to our news that we publish daily. The best of Apple is to come and here we are to tell you . Remember to comment and follow us on social networks.

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