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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day by day with the first on iPhone in 2017

A few days ago, on June 29, the iPhone turned 10 . The first smartphone that changed the entire telephone industry, the concept of mobile phone in all its aspects and a thousand things more. Sales of the iPhone 2G, the classic, were so high that even many companies within the United States had to create data-based charges that it needed to perform all its functions and demonstrate to the world what it was capable of.

Live today with the iPhone 2G

IPhone 2G history
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live today using the first iPhone? Since all the smartphones we see today have some traits of influence related to the iPhone 2G, we will not be so difficult to use this at first. If you are worried about using iOS to come from a recent update of this operating system, you have nothing to fear, since the use of this has not changed as far as the basics are concerned, the biggest change we can notice leaving One side the visual is the one of more applications and some other function that the iOS 1 does not have, but in the rest it does not make great difference.
A woman has revived her old iPhone 2G to spend a whole day with it. Although this person is accustomed to live currently with the latest model of iPhone, the 7 Plus, according to account is not so bad. He said that the first 12 hours were pure frustration , something that is normal and understandable coming from the smartphone that comes, but we also have to keep in mind that the iPhone in 2007 was state-of-the-art technology , with no rival, so we can say that it was ahead of Its time just like many other Apple products.
Apple starts manufacturing virtual assistant based on Siri
The biggest complaint this woman has is the slow speed, because the way the iPhone uses the internet is 2G, accustomed to 4G is reasonable that seems slow, but at the time of this iPhone there was nothing more Quick. It says that the time it takes to load to see your Twitter board is 1 minute and that it would give us time to have lunch while looking at Apple Maps restaurants. The lack of Siri, also no streaming music, that kind of things that help us in the day to day are not.
The privileged who could use the original iPhone 10 years ago lived in their own flesh the feeling of being above the rest, the same that currently gives us the company of Cupertino and according to rumors will be repeated with the iPhone 8, the mobile phone Most expensive in history .

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