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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Discover all the ways to make screenshots with iOS 11

Screen captures or screenshots are a necessary tool when storing news images, pages of interest or just to gossip about some publication shared by our friends in social networks, so our iPad provided us with several options to do The famous captures, however, the new iOS 11 will make this much easier through the inclusion of new modalities.
Thus, Instant Markup is the feature we can see in the new version of the operating system, when we prepare to do this task while we use our iPad.

Screenshots on iPad with iOS 11

The new version of the operating system brings us several options when doing this task, using keyboard shortcuts or pressing windows that make everything much easier, as we will see below:
  • Use the keyboard shortcuts: this feature is useful for when using the iPad, especially if you work with the physical keyboard. To make screenshots you can use the Cmd + Shift + 3 and Cmd + Shift + 4 commands for the screenshot and go directly to the Instant Dial view.
  • Swipe Preview: The iOS 11 swipe awaySave option works when you want to take a screenshot, a preview of it is displayed in the lower left corner, where you can select to start dialing immediately.
  • Drag and Drop Screenshots: This mode applies when there are captures in the floating preview, you can drag and drop them in any application. To do this, touch and hold the preview until they are attached under our finger. With the other hand you must navigate to where you want to send the screenshots, such as as a note in the Notes application.
  • Crop image: is done through the iOS 11cropingSave option. The Instant Markup screen makes it very easy to crop the screen shot. There is no specific way in which to enter. At the time of the capture you will see that the photo is surrounded by a blue border with bold handles; You should touch those edges and move them to crop the image.
  • Captures without saving in the camera roll: When making a screenshot in iOS 11 two options are generated: either to save the screenshot in the Photos application (in its current state) or to remove the screen capture by Complete and in this way do not fill our images folder unnecessary.
The arrival of iOS 11 promises many features to take advantage of as never before, the full potential of our iPad, and the screen capture options are just a sample of this statement.

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