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Monday, July 17, 2017

Do you have an iPhone 7 Plus? Make better photos with these tips

Soon it will be a year that this Californians smartphone went out to the stores. Much was rumored about the possibility of a double camera, which was finally a reality and has delighted so many users, among whom I am lucky to include myself. Sure that if you chose it weighed the camera a lot, and today we will give some brushstrokes to be able to make better photographs .

Useful tips for making better photos

Keep the lens clean

Yes, it's a drawer. It should not be forgotten that a smartphone is not usually taken care of as much as a camera , as it goes continuously in the pocket, on a table, a bag, to the ear to call.
Tattoo woman

Discover portrait mode

Personally I am delighted . With this portrait mode, your photo focuses on the photographed subject and blurs the background of the image. It has been a novelty, since the effect is charming and gives a different dimension . Dare to use it not only in portraits, for objects also gives a different vision.

Lose the fear of the night

We recently dedicated a tutorial to it . Gone was the time in which photographing at night with the camera of a mobile phone ensured you a bad result, too much noise, etc. With the True Tone four leds flash, yes, used with a good eye, you will get the best of the best .
July night

Do not make a shot

Because for that you have the burst mode, so you do not miss anything at all. The good thing about shooting in burst is to be able to keep the photos that are worthwhile .

Explore the different formats

Try the 1: 1 format for photos that go to social networks, dare the pan in horizontal and vertical and both ways (remember that by pressing the arrow you change the orientation) .

Do different things

Put yourself in places to photograph in which nobody is put, thus avoid taking the snapshot "forever". If you are fortunate enough to visit, for example, the Eiffel Tower, try shooting up at ground level .
Otherwise, your imagination does not set limits. Check out the videos that prepared the Apple ones with simple and effective tricks and put them to the test. You deserve a few snapshots to not forget .
Remember to follow us to be abreast of everything that is cooked and comments in the world of Apple, every day we publish new material to be aware of all the news . We will wait for you.

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