Thursday, July 6, 2017

Donald Trump in favor of Europe eliminating the fine imposed on Apple

It was last year when media around the world echoed the report provided by the European Commission, which stated that Apple had defrauded several hundred million euros in Ireland thanks to a strategy in this country, where the US company Had almost reduced its tax bill to zero in recent years.
The news from the European Commission did not sit very well either the people of Cupertino or the US government itself led at that time by Barack Obama and who tried to help the California company in this fiscal problem with the European Union.
Apple European Union
It was Apple itself that, without agreeing to the fine imposed by the European Union, decided to bring this litigation forward and to appeal the judgment to the Court of Justice of the European Union located in Luxembourg.
With the change of government in the United States and the arrival at the White House by Donald Trump, many hoped that Apple would have been left without the support of their country due to the poor public relation that the Californians have with the current president .
Donald trump apple

It was even thought that after the United States' withdrawal from the Paris climate pact that had happened just a couple of months ago and that Apple did not publicly approve, Donald Trump would abandon the apple company to his fate in this litigation with the European Union .
But nothing further than reality we have known that the controversial and current president of the United States and his government have wanted to intervene in the problem between Apple and the European Union for what happened in Ireland, so that the European Union can pardon the fine Of 13 billion euros to Apple .
We certainly do not know how this dispute will end because of the fine imposed on Apple by the European Union, but what we do know is that this subject can take an unexpected turn due to the appearance of the present Trump .
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