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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Download and sell videos on iTunes

Everybody knows iTunes, the platform created by Apple almost 15 years ago to sell music online . This tool, which was once basic in everyday life, reinvented and completely revolutionized everything related to the music industry , as it was the first time we could buy songs from 0.99 cents, something that was not born until iTunes was Totally impossible.

ITunes is starting to die

Itunes gift cards
Although mainly used iTunes was to buy music and songs, you can also buy or rent videos, movies and any type of multimedia content, but since the arrival of portals like Netflix and others, this section of sales has gone down Considerably as expected.
Surely this kind of data would not make much of Steve Jobs , the father and founder of Apple, which also created Pixar . Jobs would not like anything that his company is decaying without him in a sector in which he had a great role, especially for the little ones creating memorable films like Cars or Bichos, even in the campus of Pixar there is a statue with his Name thanking you for everything you have done for this company.
Long before the likes of Netflix came to market, Amazon came to take away much of the market from Apple in this section , the rental and sale of movies given that many companies offered the same thing as iTunes at a much lower price. Amazon continues to be the undisputed leader in online sales of any kind and it seems that also wants to fully seize the sector of rental and sale of movies or videos.
It is very sad to see that something like iTunes, a tool that has changed the world, is falling to the first of turn because the Apple do not invest enough in this type of things to continue fighting for the first place they have been Always in everything.
The death of iTunes in this type of sections is inevitable , but this is how things work in the computer market. Who knows, maybe tomorrow Apple will close our mouths and launch some kind of software that surpasses Netflix and other competition, but to this day, the two brands mentioned above are the only competition that iTunes has by Above his head.

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