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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Download these 3 games for free today only

Sometimes a miracle happens, some applications that were formerly paid suddenly become free for a day or more . This is undoubtedly a marketing strategy, so developers make their applications known at the price of some people (the most savvy) to get it for free. In this way they also get some publicity, since if the application turns out to be good, they will be talked about .
Today is no exception, but nevertheless I do not bring applications as such, today I come to "give" a few games for iOS that are going to be a delight when we are forced to wait without any entertainment in sight.
Without further delay, I leave the list with these 3 games. Remember that probably tomorrow they are no longer available for the price of 0 euros, so run to download them! Once you have them inside your phone they will not be able to charge you anymore.

Draw To Kill

Image Draw to killWe start with a complex game compatible with iPad that will entertain us for a good time. Draw To Kill consists of some puzzles in which you have to get the arrow fired by your character to reach his goal . This game allows you to choose between two playable characters, has a challenge mode with a very high difficulty and an infinite mode. Without doubt a game that will make us more bearable the waits in any place.

He Likes The Darkness

He Likes The Darkness's pictureOne of those games that are able to get stuck to the mobile hours and hours, is to overcome a series of puzzles each more difficult than the previous one . Its minimalist design is very pleasing to the eye and the curve of difficulty is very appropriate. These kinds of games are certainly the best when looking for quick entertainment.

Fantasy Sky HD

An interesting application oriented to the little ones that can leave them entertained during a good time. Consists of joining points to make constellations, once done this constellation appears the drawing of what it represents .
As I always say in this type of articles, many times free applications appear without warning, if you want to be aware whenever this happens, stay tuned! We will always tell you as soon as possible.

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