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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Download these free apps for iPhone for a limited time

We got up this morning with good news: we have discovered a number of free apps for a limited time and we have run to download them to see if they are worth it. As for tastes, colors, we want to spread the word and try them yourself and tell us.
As always, these apps are free at the time of writing , but when it comes to a promotion, we do not know how long it will last, so download them as soon as possible and spread the word so your friends take advantage of these deals. Here we go!

Campro - normal price: € 2.99

Another more photo editor for our device! Of course, this editor is for photography enthusiasts who like to go a step further and want professional finishes , a real wonder you have to try.

PrivateShare - normal price: € 1.99

This is an app that is going to become a must for any iPhone or iPad user who just shares files because that is exactly what it does: transfer files from your device to any other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth easily and quickly , No wires or synchronizations or anything. A tap and ready.

Gangster Granny 3 - normal price £ 0.99

Ganster granny 3
Pay attention to me, if you like to have a good time and laugh, this is your game. You are a grandmother who has not been guilty for a long time - specifically, you are robbing banks - and you are already an old woman of benefit who spends her days on a bench sitting in the sun ... until a devilish corporation comes to get you. The time has come to get back on track!

Sorcery - normal price: € 4.99

We give way to a game that was considered last year as the best RPG for iOS , there is nothing. An adventure divided into four parts in a strange land full of monsters and magic.

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