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Friday, July 7, 2017

Download these free games for iPhone for a limited time

The summer has already arrived and what better than sunbathing on the beach or the pool, spending the hours while you relax and have fun with a game for your iPhone. We know you want the best, but that comes at a price ... unless you take advantage of these amazing free iPhone and iPad game promotions that you can not miss.
Remember that at the moment these games are free , but they are for a limited time, so download them as soon as possible because we do not know how long the offer will last.


If you have the maternal instinct to skin , maybe it is a good time to kill the worms with this game, in which you adopt an endearing animal and you will have to take care of it every day, educate, feed, clean and all those things that are much more innocuous And fun on a screen than in real life.

Drop Wizard Tower

The order of the shadows have captured all the magicians of your land and the old egg, what is the only thing that can do the only magician that remains? So free them from the shadows and challenge the Order of evil ... and retrieve the egg, of course. What's inside? ** Become a hero with this fun arcade style platform game with a very nasty style **.

Global Outbreak

Defend humanity from a murderous virus that spreads across the planet in this strategic and explosive 3D shooter game , in which you better have a good spatial vision if you want to have an opportunity to escape unscathed in this epic adventure.

Grand Prix Story2

Ojalita was a game with heifers and Ramon Garcia , but no. Sit back and see how your cars defy the speed of sound in this racing simulator, choose the car you like or design it yourself, and do not forget to train your drivers to become champions.

Hoggy 2

After the success of 2010 called Hoggy, return to our iPhone this adorable game in which you will have to rescue your children from the lunar men, but little because you are a rather sticky being, so gravity takes a new meaning for you . Each level is a mission and a challenge completely different from the previous ... and so up to 200!

SIEGE: Titan Wars

Join the SIEGE armada and take part in an epic war in which you can conquer players from all over the world, collect and update your cards that will give you new powers and fighters and destroy your opponents in spectacular battles.

Mini dayz

How long can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world? Find out with this game, a pixel work of art that has more than 3 million fans.

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