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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Essential apps for music lovers for iPhone and iPad

The iPhone (and iPad) is a fantastic music playback tool . Its hardware and software, combined with the applications of the App Store, allow users to enjoy a formidable experience using different services related to music.
For many years the Apple iPhone has become the natural substitute for the iPod. If you are a music lover, you have a whole world to discover in the iOS App Store. There's life after Apple Music and Spotify!
Best iOS streaming music apps.
From identifying songs to playing radio stations. In this selection you will know the best iPhone and iPad applications for music lovers .


Shazam is the ultimate application for identifying songs. Yes, thanks to Siri you can know the title and artist of any song, but Shazam offers much more. You can configure the app so that each song you recognize is automatically added to Apple Music or played back on Spotify .


Currently, Musixmatch is the best application to show the lyrics of the songs . It syncs to music automatically and has a widget for the Notification Center.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has been leading its industry for over 5 years in the iOS App Store. Even so, there has been no application for iPhone and iPad capable of exceeding its features. Without a doubt, the best application for listening to music on the radio .


SoundCloud is an independent music streaming platform, the best of it is that it is totally free. You'll have access to over 120 million songs , the app offers tips, playlists and more.


Musi is a fun application for iPhone and iPad that turns YouTube into an ideal music playback service. You'll just have to find a song and play it. It has very good content management and functions as interesting as the playlists.

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