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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Expect the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones with this Snapchat filter

Snapchat Filter turns you into a White CaminateThis Sunday will be the expected return of one of the most famous series of all time and to celebrate it Snapchat has a filter to the best style of Game of Thrones. Thus, the well-known social network, which lately has released excellent updates, offers fans of the series a fun entertainment tool.
But if something is curious about the filters, they are not focused on Daenarys, Cersei Jon Snow or any of the other characters that crave the throne of the Seven Kingdoms; But this time, they have decided to take inspiration from the absolute enemies of all history; The White Walkers, which has already been advanced through various media, will have more appearances than usual, in this seventh season of the series created by HBO.

Snapchat makes you a White Walker

To use the filter from our mobile phone there are two options. The first is to place our phone as we would to do a habitual selfie , then we press on the face and when we open the mouth we will appreciate how our eyes transform into an intense blue and our around becomes winter.
The other way is to press the front camera to make a video in which we will see how a White Walker appears, as well as a glass arrow of Dragon that presses it makes disappear the character that lives beyond the Wall.
Game Snapchat Filters of Thrones
This filter can be downloaded from the official Snapchat page. And you will have it ready on your mobile.
If you are interested in trying this filter of the phantom social network and at least for a while join one of the enemies of Game of Thrones, do not miss the opportunity to download this filter now, as it will be available for a limited time .

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