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Friday, July 14, 2017

Facebook is testing the creator of GIFs in its iOS app

Formerly we could only communicate through a phone call, over the years were coming tools that made this task much simpler and easier as SMS, but what has lasted the most and still does not see its expiration date is Without a doubt WhatsApp , a fundamental and essential application in our day to day to be able to communicate with our circles as much familiar as of friendship.
The simple arrival of the emoticons was an incredible explosion, since nothing similar had ever been seen before, even before they came out these nice images that could emulate our state of mind and so on, most of us used the parentheses and the two Points as long as we seemed necessary. It has already rained a lot since then, but what takes now are GIFs, moving images composed of many images , for example, we can take photos in burst and then take them one by one and we will notice that we will have something similar to an animation, Like children's books, as the page moves away, the drawing moves as if it had a life of its own.

GIF always before emoticon

Facebook allows the use of gifs
The leading pioneer in this world of GIFs was without a doubt WhatsApp , Telegram came shortly after. Currently whenever we can make use of one of these moving images we will leave the emoticon aside , the GIF are not new, let alone decades ago since the existence of these, but now to see their exit on the big platforms Is becoming popular again.
Now you want to add to the car the application of one of the largest social network that exists, Facebook. It seems that the creator of this website does not have enough to be among the richest in the world that also has to make use of this "new" technology. As we have seen, we can make use of this as curious section from the Facebook app on iOS , as a camera option.
It is always good to see two big names like Facebook and Apple join forces to outperform the competition. Now more than ever the Cupertino company needs help , as they face a fine imposed by the European Union of 13,000 million euros , not dollars, so we hope that everything goes well for the apple.

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