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Monday, July 24, 2017

Fearless photography underwater with these covers

With the arrival of summer, the temptations to put the iPhone underwater and collect spectacular shots is tempting. Now they are totally waterproof covers and that give us this opportunity so appetizing . All that we are recommending are valid for both the Plus series and the normal series. Prepared?


Without a doubt the best in terms of value for money, since this does not exceed 9 €. It has very high ratings and meets what it promises, it is watertight up to 30 meters.
PVP 8,99 €


This is really cheap, it does not reach 6 euros! It works very well if you want to take it to the beach or pool, although aesthetically do not like it as much as the first. IPX8 certification and waterproofing up to 30 meters
PVP € 5.99

Universal bag

Universal bag€ 7.99TO BUY
PVP 7,99 €
Another plus although this is watertight up to 20 meters. In its favor, which is very thin and has fluorescent edges not to lose sight of it when the sun is hidden.

But what do I do if it has gotten wet?

With these covers you can be calm as they perfectly fulfill their purpose, but in other occasions it can happen that by having closed it badly between water, or that accidentally being the device without any protection if we fall. To do this you must follow these instructions .

Turn it off and remove the cover

It is very important that you do it quickly, time counts.

Removes the SIM-tray

Pull it out quickly and put the SIM card safely.

Dry it

Grab something absorbent, a cloth, a towel, napkins or a T-shirt, whatever you have more at hand. Dry thoroughly the entire surface and sensitive parts such as charging connector, headphone jack and SIM slot. Once done, you can give it air with a dryer, always in the cold .

To the rice

This cereal has hygroscopic properties, or what is the same, absorbs moisture. Put your device in a small plastic bag, fill it with rice and tie a knot. Be patient and have it there for 2 days . After time has elapsed, remove the rice, clean the phone from the remains you may have and try. Although here you have something that replaces rice and is much better, but more expensive . Although on second thought, it is not so much whether it is a matter of recovering a three-digit device, or four.
If for any reason you do not prefer to experience contact your nearest Apple Store, but be aware that they do not take care of repairs caused by water damage. So you know, enjoy your device with these cases that we offer and act fast in case of damages. Follow us so you do not miss anything we are publishing .

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