Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fire + rain, a different time application

Many times we have analyzed applications about the weather , or helped to interpret the data they provide . Today we want you to know a new one, perhaps something different and with a peculiar design . We present you fire + rain.
This application is simple to use, when installed it locates our location to give the most common data: temperature, temperature, cloudiness, wind and direction, maximum wind gusts, humidity percentage and atmospheric pressure . As you can see, nothing new under the sun, making a meteorological wordplay.
The data it provides are managed by the global weather giant The Wheather Network , which in Spain is well known for its website , and is used daily by thousands of Internet users for their forecasts.
With fire + rain you can obviously add as many cities as you want to make your forecast. The funny thing about the application is that you can use different gestures on the screen depending on what things. For example, to change cities you have to slide your thumb to the right, and if you double-tap the forecast is going from one hour, 36 hours or 14 days .
The fire + rain developers have also taken care of the app design. You have three different backgrounds to choose from, which are fire, rain and earth, which would be 3 of the 4 or 5 elements of antiquity. These funds are dynamic, that is, they have some slight animation. We can also change the data, which by default come in degrees Farenheit and miles per hour, to degrees Celsius and kilometers per hour, or to combine both .
Otherwise it is a visually pleasing application that works properly, does not have too many configuration options, but you may not need them to be very basic. The only glitch I see is that it is currently available in only two languages, English or French. Let's hope its developers get to work to offer us our language, which is one of the most talked about in the world. Even so, being a basic application where the data is interpreted at a glance, you can use it in a foreign language without inconvenience .
If you want to test it and evaluate the analysis we have done, we leave here below the download button. Do not forget to follow us and make comments. See you soon.
Fire + rain: weather
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