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Monday, July 24, 2017

Foxconn is about to open a factory in the United States

We all sound the "Made in China" behind our iPhone or Apple products in general, always followed by an "Designed in California" everything has to be said. We will also be familiar with the Foxconn name , as it is the manufacturer of apple smartphones in the Asian country manufacturing leader thanks to its low price in labor and the even lower cost of materials necessary and essential for Create one of our beloved Apple phones.
Foxconn is widely known all over the world for its agreement with Cupertino company of course, as we have said on more than one occasion: what touches the apple will turn into gold. This is because Apple apart from being the most valuable brand and best valued by customers throughout the electronics industry, will also soon be the first US firm to reach a value of 1 trillion dollars , but not 1 billion As we are accustomed to hear, but a billion dollars.

Making the iPhone within the United States

Trump Migration Policies Affect Technology Companies
Since Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in the presidential election which is the world's first power, although this is relative since it is said to be the title of China, Trump made it clear that the industry and economy of Country has to settle within the borders of the same, not outside . That is why the current president is helping many brands to be able to manufacture and manage their production within the United States to increase revenue, a clear example of this was Apple , but Tim Cook already made it clear that that is not possible anymore That in America there is not the same knowledge and requirements for this work as in China.
We also talked about Foxconn was contemplating the idea of ​​investing a lot of money in the United States , although we have no news of this we have something better: Foxconn is seriously thinking of opening a factory in North America and they have decided to decide this idea at Long this week, but everything points to that will be carried out this idea.
Message from Tim Cook after the election of Donald Trump
This is not just a shortcut and great news for Apple, but also for all the faithful followers of the apple. It is really possible that if this ends up being a reality the company of Cupertino leave their ideas of making the iPhone in India and in China becoming an autochthonous product of the United States .

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