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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

FREE limited-time apps for iPhone and iPad!

There are applications of all types in the App Store. There are technology, reading, gaming, art, photo editing, video playback apps ... And there are also free applications for a limited time!
As we've been doing for many years now, each week we offer you a selection of free apps that are available on the App Store for iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
IPhone 6s
On this occasion we bring you a planning application, another application of meteorological information and some very interesting games. Do you accompany us to find out?

OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2 is an organization and planning application designed to improve your productivity. It has very flexible view options, location services, calendar, content synchronization, reminders ...

3D Earth

This application is focused on the reception of meteorological information. It offers all kinds of data on temperature, humidity, wind, visibility, pressure ... It has a fabulous Widget for the Notification Center and a user interface accompanied by a dynamic 3D background of planet Earth. Highly recommend!


This fun skill game will test your reflexes, your goal will be to build a tower of totems as high as possible. But it will not be easy. They do not stop shaking!

Magnetic Block Puzzle

For 3D puzzles lovers, we bring a fantastic free time limited game for iPhone and iPad in which you will have to solve up to 110 different puzzles.

Touch Life: City

Play Life: City is a children's game with which you can customize each of the characters, explore new places and discover treasures. A children's game that will help them to promote values ​​such as solidarity and friendship, while having fun creating.

High mountain

High Mountain is the typical skill game in which you will have to do taps on the screen with your fingers to jump from mountain to mountain. Minimalist, very colorful ... and very addictive!
So far our selection of free apps for limited time today. Which one did you like the most? To us the Earth 3D application, and we are downloading it!

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