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Monday, July 10, 2017

Google Calendar for iOS adds an interesting new widget

The Google Calendar app, which synchronizes the calendar of your Google account, has added an interesting widget in its latest iOS update.
The "today widget" that adds this update will allow us to have a quick view of our upcoming events. If you do not have this app on your iPhone or iPad you can download it  here .
This is an update that, a priori, may seem minor but adds a possibility that many of its users claimed and that has finally come true. It seems that it has taken, but finally Google adds the possibility of having a widget in your application for the mobile version of the Apple iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). In this post we tell you what this new widget consists of.

Google Calendar finally adds a widget

The saying says that better late than never, and this happens with the Google Calendar widget. Widgets landed on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8, later versions have allowed third-party apps to include their own widgets. Since then numerous applications included a tab with which we could have shortcuts or previews of your applications. However, Google Calendar, had not yet been released in this field.
In this latest update we can make the most of the Google application, and can see the next events at a glance  in the "Today" section of our notifications screen and the widgets screen.
Google Calendar Widget
View of the new Google Calendar widget in iOS
We can see the next two calendar events at a glance, but  if we activate "show more" we can see up to four . In the event that we did not have more than two events on that day, that preview would be completed with upcoming events. This is a good thing for those who miss this functionality in Apple's native calendar, since it offers two widgets, one for the "today" view and one for the following events. With Google Calendar there is that good alternative of having everything in one.
Another update of this update is that  the widget will also appear by making 3D Touch on the application icon  on the home screen. Remember that you can have this function only if you have an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 or 7 Plus. When you tap, you can see the preview of events as shown in the widget.
To access this new  you must have updated to the latest version of Google Calendar iOS . If you already have the application installed, check the App Store for updates. Once you have that version you will have to go to the widgets screen, sliding to the right of the home screen, and there you must press "edit" to see the full list of widgets in which the Google Calendar will be included.

Google Calendar can still improve

With the inclusion of its new widget, Google Calendar has satisfied many users who were looking forward to such a novelty. However it  still has certain limitations or shortcomings , which could be covered in future applications.
One of the things they miss with this new widget is  the possibility of having a full view of the month . And although there are alternatives for this function - as we show in  this post - it would not hurt that Google will incorporate it natively.
In short, we can say that Google has done its job well and increases the chances of its calendar to fight with the native Apple.

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