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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Google Calendar is the perfect new alternative to iOS Calendar

As we all know the company of the bite apple has always sought to take out an equivalent to any tool of the company that is to be able to put its name , do the service that this offers better than the rest and over do something in, Android can be free as it is Spotify, in iOS is payment as is Apple Music today, a platform for streaming music which just recently completed its first two years of a long life that awaits you ahead due to His great success in the market of the music industry.

Apple against all and in all

Photo of Apple CEO
And is that the company of Cupertino has drawn the direct competition even the simple calendar of a lifetime, in this case Google Calendar, Google Calendar . This one came out in 2015, a couple of years ago, but even to a simple useful and current schedule like this, Apple has known to see the option to pick it up and give it its own touch, in iOS we can find this version with the name Of Calendar.
So far the operating system Calendar for iPhone and iPad gave the same data and even had better features to show us than Google Calendar, but this is over. With the latest update of the Google calendar we will have no reason to choose the iOS before this given that includes endless new features and qualities that Apple does not have. A clear example of this is that it can warn us a couple of days before a specific date if we program it in the right way.
Google Calendar
This may seem like a great novelty, but in a company like Google have had the technology and resources to implement this type of features for quite some time , it is estimated to be about 3 years. Why we do not know, but neither are they going to invest money in a simple calendar instead of in all the projects that a company of this caliber can come to have in mind, so from this point of view it is quite reasonable to think so.
So you know, if you're tired of using the iOS Calendar to schedule events and that for whatever reason does not do their job, now you have the perfect alternative, Google Calendar will not disappoint you.

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