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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Google could help Apple against the fine of Europe

As we saw earlier, Apple had a "small" fine put by the European Union , which said the Cupertino company had ignored the taxes they are willing to pay to sell their terminals in Ireland. This sanction was quite high, about 13,000 million euros, dollars, because if it were in the American currency the figure would be much lower than this.
It seems that everyone inside the United States is in favor of Apple and ready to defend the company from the bite apple, even the current president of the country, Donald Trump, is working with his fleet of personal lawyers for See if there is any legal vacuum or anything that saves the mother of this iPhone, because Trump is interested, as he has said many times throughout his campaign, that native companies like Apple grow and develop in Of its borders, and a fine of these dimensions would do the opposite.

Cheer up Apple

Message from Tim Cook after the election of Donald Trump
Not everything is lost for the Californian brand, given that previously in similar cases with Google, already got rid of a fine of this caliber, although much smaller , given that the sanction imposed on Apple is 13,000 million euros and Google was of Almost $ 1.3 billion. There is still light, because if the great G managed to save himself thanks to a tax law of this country managed to save and evade this fine, it is also possible that the company Cupertino see a feasible and safe way out of this big bump.
It is not the first time that Apple commits these types of infractions, since a few years ago the Italian government took the same measures and sanctions against the company of the bite apple, but in this Tim Cook and his team chose not to play it in the Courts and paid the fine in full, about $ 347 million (318 million euros) .
Apple European Union
The best thing for both Apple and the electronics industry is that the Cupertino people go unpunished in this case and can continue with their projects without further delays, given that the company's next terminal, the iPhone 8, leaving a Side that will be the most expensive smartphone in history , has already numerous delays as far as its launch is concerned and this kind of things do no more than harm the block and its customers .

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