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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Google Maps is updated and these are their news

If you have ever used your phone as a GPS to know how to get to a particular site, it is more than likely that you have used Google Maps for it. This application, developed by Google, allows us to see the world through satellite images, map images or a combination of both, placing us on a map and helping us to reach our destination.
Yesterday, the application of Google maps received a major update and in NewCydiaTweaks we introduce you the new features that incorporates:

Google Maps will notify you when you have to make a transhipment

Has it never happened to you that you are in a city that you do not know and you skip the bus stop where you had to get off? To me yes, and not infrequently precisely. With this new update this problem is finished for all those who are a bit clueless, and is that now we will have the option to configure if we want the application itself warn us with a reminder when we have to do a transhipment or simply get off the bus.
The transshipment reminders (right) will notify you when it's time to change buses, trains, etc.
The transshipment reminders (right), new to this Google Maps update, will notify you when it's time to change buses, trains, etc.
With this new feature, Google Maps is approaching other applications like Moovit as far as public transport assistance is concerned. Before, if you marked a source point and a destination point, the Google application offered the transport combinations you had to take to make that journey, but with this new update will also warn you in real time of the transshipments you have to do , Something very interesting in view of that already many other applications included it.

A new widget will allow us to make local guides

The other tool that incorporates this update is called "Local Guides" and is a reserved place in Google Maps for users to propose new sites to visit, comment on points of interest or upload photos of particular locations.
The name of this new feature could not be more appropriate, since users will have the option of making local guides to help people who arrive new to the city to choose where to eat, what monuments to visit or what are the most interesting museums , Among many other things. In addition, if you register as a local guide and add information such as comments and photos, Google will award you: for example, if you reach level 4 of local guide you will receive three months of free access to Google Play Music.
With the new tool of '' local guides '' we can earn points and get gifts from Google Maps.
With the new tool of "local guides" we can earn points and get gifts from Google.

And here comes the news that Google has incorporated in the update of its map service. Few news but provide a fundamental service, following the keynote of Google to introduce innovations fair but really help and serve as real support to its users. What do you think of this update? Would you have included any more features?

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