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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Google stops crawling our Gmail mail for advertising purposes

Surely you have been searching for a product online, either to buy it or just know its characteristics, and in later days you have been surprised to find in the browser advertising of the same or related product. You may not know it, but Google has a lot to do with it.
All this happens because platforms like Amazon, Facebook or Google crawl on your searches in order to find advertising that suits you . This also happens with your email. In case you did not know, Google automatically inspects your Gmail emails in order to customize the advertising that will later offer you. Apparently, and as reported from the company, this is over.

Your Gmail account will no longer be tracked

Diane Grene , Google's senior vice president and Google Cloud chief, said in a company blog that the company will stop inspecting Gmail accounts for advertising purposes.
According to the Google executive, this change is due to G Suite's corporate customers' concerns about potential data privacy issues. However, Greene has clarified that this has never happened in the premium version of the service. So now the free version of Gmail wants to gain the trust of customers and will stop using their accounts in order to show them personalized advertising based on their emails received and / or sent.
"Gmail consumer content will no longer be used or scanned for personalization of ads after this change" Diane Grene, Senior Vice President of google
This is a decision that has raised much turmoil. Although Google has never concealed carrying out this measure, it is true that they are often reluctant to talk about such measures that it carries out. And although such privacy intrusions appear in their conditions - which should have read all users to be able to accept them - seems a taboo subject due to the lack of morality that these conditions.
That yes, this change made by Google strictly adheres to what is described, as it will not affect advertising as such of free Gmail accounts . Therefore, for customers who do not have the paid version, ads will continue to be displayed. Just as it has not been mentioned that the tracking of emails for other services. And, of course, to get information for the ads, Google will continue to register our searches and most visited websites.

Google is not the only "spy"

Many call God to Google, that's why he knows everything. And to some extent that statement is true and we often do not know how much Google can "own" our life thanks to the use we make of it and its services.
It is public that Google has had many legal battles , or against companies or individuals. The subject of privacy and that  dark side  that the company says has been something very controversial throughout the almost 19 years that the company has.
But even though Google would be the most controversial, it does not mean that there are no more platforms that use our information for advertising or commercial purposes . In fact, behind the Californian company, there is a list of platforms that make use of the service they offer customers to do exactly the same as Google does.
Google is not the only platform "spy"
Google is not the only platform "spy"
Facebook is another of the great platforms that use information that, a priori, is private . And they do it in order also to show us publicity. In fact, when the company acquired WhatsApp was surrounded by controversy when thinking that it would inspect our conversations. And apparently, the weather gives reason to those who feared it, and is that a recent change in the conditions of the service makes that if you do not share data with Facebook your account can be discharged.
Amazon also uses some search preferences on its platform in order to advertise according to our tastes and hobbies, although sometimes they are based on searches that do not really match what we want to search at that time.
The list could be lengthened including some more like T witter, Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook . All of them are governed by an unwritten law and is that if they offer you something free it is because you are the product.
How about this change from Google? What do you think about privacy in this type of services? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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