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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

HomeKit shows up at the Apple Store

As reported in the last few hours, the Cupertino firm has wanted to move demonstrations of the HomeKit to certain stores around the world , in order that customers may be able to know the possibilities of this tool so interesting.
For those who do not know the application of HomeKit , it is a tool whose objective is to domotize certain aspects of our home . In this way, we would be providing some intelligence to our home.

HomeKit demos land on the Apple Store

Concretely, to this day with HomeKit we can control aspects like the switches or the lights of our home , as well as certain Siri commands.
At present, there are many customers who still do not know the capabilities of this platform so interesting Californians. That is why, they have decided that the customers themselves are able to control different aspects of a virtual room , through the different devices displayed in the store itself.
For now, this great simulation is only available in some stores in the United States , such as the Apple Store in New York or San Francisco. It should be noted that this functionality will also be incorporated in other stores in the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, starting in December.

And in Spain?

Unfortunately, Spain is not yet within the list of Apple options . Even so, it is possible that in a short time this functionality will be available in many other parts of the world.
Apple Retail Store, Puerta del Sol
Undoubtedly, HomeKit is one of the tools of the future . And is that the ability to control aspects of our home through our iPhone or iPad is a dream of futuristic films. However, the automation and digitization of our home is a real fact that has just begun.

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