Thursday, July 6, 2017

How to create GIFs with your iPhone

The word GIF is continuously in our multimedia universe. This term is the acronym of Graphics Interchange Format and it is more than a type of image format very common in forums and web pages of Internet, besides applications of messenger like Telegram or WhatsApp .
The good thing is that the size of a file of this type is much smaller with respect to video formats, since they are a succession of consecutive images without sound. Usually we use them to give a light touch in a text . In WhatsApp or Telegram are the kings of the most hooligan messages.
To be able to realize them in your iPhone or iPad there are many applications, we are with GIPHY CAM for its simplicity of use and possibility of sharing them later . Once downloaded and installed, we will only have to give the corresponding permissions to your device to access the camera and record your fragment. You do not have to do anything else. As you can see, the simplest is impossible. The application allows you to add effects of many types, frames, texts and options that make use of augmented reality. There are animations in which your eyes, mouth and nose can be replaced by other fantasy or animals.
IPhone photo
In fact, it surprises that a free application can do so many things with such a good level of quality. It ensures a good time of fun, since the GIFs we keep on the reel can be shared in any messaging application, or in social networks directly .
Photo selfie
Another plus point is that the app alerts you of one thing. When you create the GIF it appears a message which warns you that it will be saved on the reel and that it does not appear animated, but as a static image. But do not be alarmed, that at the time of sharing it will skip the animation. A great detail!
You know, if this summer you want to laugh and give a funny touch to your messages and you know that GIPHY CAM is your application to make them totally personalized.

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