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Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to put password to WhatsApp and avoid prying eyes

Confess it: You can not live without WhatsApp . The messaging app par excellence has become a communication tool for everything: personal, business, class, ligoteo ... But as you know, information is power . So imagine what could happen if anyone agreed to your conversations. And more knowing how easy it is to spy WhatsApp from WhatsApp Web .
From your iPhone the task of spying on your WhatsApp conversations is somewhat more complicated, since the person in question requires your unlock code or your fingerprint. However you know that sometimes we sin overconfidence and end up giving up the keys to our checking account. Precisely, trust lies in being able to leave spaces to people.
In any case, know that it is possible to avoid prying eyes in our WhatsApp simply by adding a password or even a fingerprint , so that the security and privacy layer of our favorite app is double. Do you want to know how it is done?

How to put password in WhatsApp for iPhone

Unfortunately, in the iPhone this possibility does not come as standard on some Android terminals , is the case of OnePlus, Xiaomi or Huawei, which already incorporate options to block applications using a PIN or password. Although iOS could also be done with Jailbreak using Cydia, we are not going to complicate our lives.
The solution goes through the App Store, is free and will allow us to add password or our fingerprint to some apps . Its operation is very simple, so although it is in English, you will have no problem in configuring it even if you are the one who invents the lyrics on the fly when humming the great successes in the language of Shakespeare.

Lock App With Password & Touch-ID

Password Whatsapp
With Lock App, the complication is minimal: configure your PIN or your fingerprint and select which apps you want to block, it can be WhatsApp but also the main social networks Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. Or also communication apps such as Skype, Line or Facebook Messenger


Password Whatsapp
Just like AppLocker works, an app that will allow you to add fingerprint and PIN to the main messaging apps and social networks , which is also free - although we will be able to support some advertising - and is in English.

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