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Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to read QR codes on your iPhone without installing anything

Apple has been waiting, and has been waiting a lot. It has taken almost 10 years to implement a fairly basic function . Of course you could always get an external app to do this and work the same, but this time we have it natively on iOS. We are talking about reading QR codes.
In the new version of iOS, the 11, we can read QR codes without any external application. With the new QR reader we can connect to Wi-Fi networks just by scanning a codeThis was already possible in Android phones, however, finally iOS users have this feature.

How to scan a QR code with iOS 11?

To scan a QR code without the need for a Wi-Fi network, we just have to open the phone's camera . When the mobile detects that there is a QR does not mark you where that QR is as usually do the applications of this style, it will only teach you a Safari notification at the top that will allow you to open the code in a new browser tab. Of course we can deploy the notification to take a look without entering the page.IOS 11 scanning QRTo capture a QR code without problems, we have to take simple steps and take into account certain factors . You need to have enough light, obviously have iOS 11, open the camera and you're done. Not much more to say,
IOS 11 is one of the newest, safest and most functional versions ever made . There will be failures in its launch, that knows until the most confused since it has been happening since the origin of time. But I have no doubt that iOS 11 is a good step forward by the company.

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