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Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to use the new timer widget on iOS 11

Thanks to the iPhone's 3D Touch functionality, on iOS 10 you can press the timer widget in the Control Center to access pre-defined quick actions.
But now, in iOS 11 it is possible to perform more actions in the Control Center timer as it offers the possibility to adjust, pause and resume its functions .
ios 11 timer

How to use the Control Center timer on iOS 11

Before starting the tutorial, you should make sure that the timer widget is present in the iOS 11 Control Center. If it is not there (it should be by default) you will have to add it from the new Settings section for Customizing the Center Of Control . That's right, in iOS 11 it's finally possible to add features such as low-power mode or mobile data.
1. Activate the iOS Control Center 11.
2. Press and hold the timer button.
3. Swipe your finger to select the hours and / or minutes.
4. From the Control Center itself you can press the button on the bottom of the timer to pause or resume its functionality.
In iOS 11 you will have the possibility to select many more options in the timer , not only a few options as with the 3D Touch in iOS 10. You can set the timer from 1 minute to 2 hours.
On the other hand, the iOS 11 Clock native application timer now has the option to select seconds , previously only allowed to set minutes and hours.
There is another novelty in the iOS 11 timer that will be very useful to you, and this feature will remember your last use . That is, if you have previously used the timer by selecting 5 minutes, the next time you open it the 5 minutes will appear as an option.

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