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Monday, July 3, 2017

In 2020 50% of smartphones will have OLED screen thanks to the iPhone 8

As we know beforehand, our beloved apple bite company likes to have impacts on the rest of the e-marketplace. A clear example of this was the departure of the iPhone, which turns 10 years recently , having a success and forming a revolution on the concept we had smart mobile phone and becoming one of the most successful milestones in the history of the Technology with a difference of second place.
Soon we hope that the company of Cupertino us some news or novelty about its next terminal, the iPhone 8. This new and characteristically innovative in every way, given that it makes use of things never seen as the wireless load, it will be the smartphone Most expensive in history, exceeding its price of 1,000 dollars. Another of the most particular features in this new phone created by the bite apple is its new screen, which will be OLED .

Apple is ready to revolutionize another sector

Tim Cook's picture
Like the first iPhone had a great impact on the rest of phones, it is very likely that the innovative use of this new screen also change some things in the world of mobile telephony again. According to great personalities within the industry, this new screen will mean that by the year 2020 half or more of all the world's mobiles make use of this new and refreshing technology .
The brands see so much future and exit to this new market of screens that even Samsung wanted to raise the biggest factory in the world with the specialty of creating this type of screens , creating monthly between 180,000 and 260,000, which is the same and even More than they are able to build normal factories in a whole year. Although it seems that, according to the latest news, Apple will not be a customer of Samsung and will invest in a factory designed only to manufacture OLED screens for the LG brand .
Apple vs. Samsung
If Apple has decided or will decide not to shake hands with senior Samsung officials to carry out this project with real hope of succeeding in the not very near future, it will be for some particular reason. Although so far has gone well, because something that many people do not know is that Samsung has made the screens of our beloved iPhone for years , and so far there have been no complaints with the screens of these.

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