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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Infallible tips to save mobile data on your iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone, and you are suffering because the megas of the Internet rate of the mobile, do not worry ... In this post we will help you save mobile data in your monthly rate.

Tips for saving mobile data

No matter what your data rate, surely more than once you will be exhausted when you still have a few days ahead until they are renewed. Here we will give you some tricks that, if you follow them, can make you save data in a considerable way to be able to squeeze the maximum amount of time possible your monthly fee.
-Off Wi-Fi Support:  This feature allows you to, if your WiFi connection is slow, your mobile can  pull your data rate in order to have optimal speed. But this could become overconsumed if activated, so we recommend turning it off if you really do not need it. You can turn this off in Settings> Mobile Data> Wi-Fi Support.
-Do not share internet excess:  It seems obvious, but the fact of turning your iPhone into a Wi-Fi modem that distributes your internet rate may end up consuming your data in a flash, especially if you share that connection with a computer, since These tend to consume more than a mobile device. If you have this option enabled, you can deselect it in Settings> Mobile Data> Internet Sharing.
- Do not delete the browser cache:  This option is somewhat compromised, because if you do not delete the cache of your browser (whether Safari, Chrome or any other) you will consume space. However it is a small part of your memory that occupies and ends up compensating when browsing our usual websites. Many of the data consumed by our device when connecting to a page, are saved when your browser has already saved some of the information from that page in the cache.
 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter consume excessive mobile data
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter consume excessive mobile data
- Watch out for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:  The 3 most popular social networks in the world are also the ones that use the most internet data. The difference with other apps is abysmal when comparative is done and that is why we recommend not to use them in excess if you do not want your megas to go with them. A good way to save data with them is to turn off automatic video playback within the settings of each application.
- Disables automatic download on WhatsApp and Telegram: We  often chat and exchange photos, videos and audios on social messaging networks and we are not aware of the consumption it has in our mobile data. As advice we can tell you not to send heavy files (especially videos) when you are not connected to a WiFi network. You should also moderate the reception of files by going to the settings of the application itself and disabling the automatic download of these files, so that when you are connected to your mobile data network, and a contact sends you a file, only download if You allow it
- Disable iCloud mobile data: The iCloud platform makes backups and synchronize data is a marvel, but also counts  on a very important data consumption. Therefore we recommend that such synchronization be performed only by WiFi. To deactivate iCloud mobile data, go to Ajutes> iCloud> iCloud Drive and disable the Use mobile data option.
-Disable automatic downloads from iTunes and App Store:  Automatic download in iTunes and App Store is done automatically via WiFi. This is configured natively. If you want to keep that automatic downloads, you can do it, but if you do not want them to consume mobile data you should disable it since, although there are no downloads greater than 100 Mb when you have the data, it is true that in the long run consumption can be excessive. You can unmark it in Settings> iTunes and App Store> Use mobile data. You may also want to disable background downloads for certain applications from Settings> General> Background Updates.
-Delete mobile data in applications and games:  There are a lot of applications and games that consume the internet. Many of them do not need to generate that consumption when we are not connected to a WiFi network so we could disable the option to consume with mobile data. To do so, go to Settings> Mobile Data and go by unchecking each application one by one.


Get into a very deep cave where you do not have coverage and you will see that you do not spend data. It's a joke, obviously. But today would be most useful, as applications are consuming more and more internet, and if you do not have WiFi nearby, it can be a pretty hard blow to your rate.
If you are from Vodafone , you may be interested to know that, in addition to not consuming some data messaging applications, you could also save such consumption on social networks. Find out by reading this recently uploaded post on our website.
Do you know any mobile data saving tips that you have not mentioned in this post? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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