Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Intel presents the Xeon Purley, will we see them on the iMac Pro?

Intel has just introduced what will be the next generation of Intel Xeon processors, the Purley . But will these come in the iMac Pro introduced by Apple last month?

The iMac Pro will not feature the Intel Xeon Purley introduced today

Today Intel introduced the new series of server processors, the Intel Xeon Purley . Some of these will begin to sell already this month, but others will not go on sale until within a few months. Among the processors presented today we have multitude of models, with different speed or different amount of core, going from 4 to 28 cores.
According to a developer who analyzed the firmware files  for MacOS High Sierra , the iMac Pro introduced in the WWDC 2017 would come with one of these Purley processorsThe problem is that none of the models fit the ones these iMac would mount ...
The iMac Pro would have Intel Xeon Purley processors.
The iMac Pro would have Intel Xeon Purley processors.
As Apple said, the iMac Pro can be configured with Xeon processors 8, 10 or 18 cores with 42MB of cache and  Turbo Boost 4.5 GHz . On the other hand, while there are processors with that number of cores in the list , the maximum frequency we can see in the list is 4.2 GHz and a maximum of 38.5 MB of cache memory. Therefore, the processors that iMac Pro would mount would not be one of these, unless Apple changes what was announced in the Apple presentation. And which ones would he ride?
As this computer will presumably be released in December of this year, the next generation of Intel Xeon will not be ready by then. The next generation of Intel server processors will be the Cascade Lake , and will not be available until 2018 . Therefore, unless Apple has agreed something with Intel, the Cascade Lake will not be ready for this first generation of iMac Pro.
Xeon processors, the best of the best of Intel.
Xeon processors, the best of the best of Intel.
Then, one possibility would be that Intel is still keeping some model up its sleeve , or that it will exclusively manufacture for Apple special Intel Xeon models with the features they promised. Another possibility would be that Apple decides to reduce the options that would give, to adjust to the availability of Intel. In any case, it will certainly be a great computer ...


As we can see, we are eager to see what the definitive iMac Pro will be, although we probably do not all have the money to buy one. These iMacs for the most professional audience would come equipped with powerful Intel Xeon processors , with up to 128GB of DDR4 ECC RAM and AMD's Vega graphics cards , plus up to 4TB ultra-fast SSD hard drives. In addition, according to the developer who was inventing the  macOS High Sierra firmware , the iMac could have Touch ID, as it would have the same chip that MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
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