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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Intel strikes Qualcomm in Apple's defense

We have recently been able to see all the legal fights that have taken place between the company of Cupertino and Qualcomm which is the supplier of an essential material to carry out successfully the manufacture of one of the terminals iPhone. The reason for all this began when the Asian manufacturer attempted to cheat the brand of the bite apple by charging it double for a single and individual process , this type of actions are usually done quite a day in the market that is electronics in The present.

The beginning

The main reason that Apple began to leave aside Qualcomm in these tasks so important for the manufacture of its smartphones was because a very big and famous manufacturer that we all know, Intel appeared and offered the Cupertino company the same work , But with higher quality and probably a lower price, although the latter we do not know, and since then they are in a legal war which was started by the Chinese company. This may be a big factor in the decision that Tim Cook and his team took to start manufacturing, producing and selling the iPhone in India, we have already been able to see the first handsets manufactured in this country.
Apple is having a lot of problems lately, but last week we were all witnesses of all the problems they are having in Cupertino . Conflicts mostly come from the manufacture of the iPhone 8 which is said to be delayed, but according to reliable and recent sources it will go on sale for September as it was originally said but will come in with a number Limited units, so if you're thinking about buying the new Apple terminal you're going to have to hurry up and be among the first to do so.
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel
It seems that Intel has responded by the apple to Qualcomm making it clear things as they are , as we have already seen many big companies like Google, Microsoft and even Samsung are supporting Apple in its legal battle against Qualcomm . We hope that this is just a bump and that we can enjoy the iPhone 8 in its entirety, since these types of problems not only affect the Californian firm but also its faithful customers eager to buy their products, but for reasons with which They have nothing to do come out prejudiced.

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