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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

IPhone 8 faces software issues that would disable key features

Novelty and uncertainty have been totally linked to the iPhone 8, since last year, when they began to filter the first data on the device that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Thus, the OLED screen, the wireless load and the location of the 3D sensor, among other things will allow facial detection, are listed as the protagonists of the expected launch.
However, less than two months after the official launch of the iPhone 8 or also known as iPhone Edition, rumors about Apple's work to incorporate all the above details and also his expertise to solve some software problems in a timely manner.

IPhone 8 engineers work in a "panic" environment

According to a report published by Fast Company, the engineers and developers of the iPhone 8 are working in a "panic" environment with the possibility of presenting a mobile with some of the main functions disabled.
This situation could be presented in view of the problems that have had the boys of Cupertino to adapt the operation of the operating system with the characteristic of wireless load; In this case, the option could be seen a while after the launch of the device, with an update.
In addition, Apple is also resolving the suitability of the 3D sensor oriented towards the iPhone 8, to work properly when combined with iOS. Equally, this would be a feature that could also come with an update.
The data provided by the Fast Company report coincide with other sources of relevance when it comes to information about Apple; All have agreed that to date there are several adjustments to solve or otherwise would mean a delay in the market to the expected mobile.
Previous experiences have shown that Apple does not release a device until it has all the details resolved, however, because it is specifically about this computer we wonder if the formula will be repeated or otherwise Apple will find another solution.

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