Tuesday, July 11, 2017

IPhone wins, Microsoft will not support Windows Phone

One era is over, the iPhone has been a winner before the repeated news that was including Windows Phone over the last few years. Today, Microsoft stops giving support for Windows Phone 8.1 . Farewell to Microsoft in the world of mobile phones.

Windows Phone looked to compete with the iPhone and lost

The history of Windows Phone is not as short as many may think. Microsoft's operating system came to light in 2010 and, to be honest, in just three years it became the third most popular mobile operating system in the world , does anyone know the third mobile operating system worldwide ? me neither.
Windows Phone disappears due to iPhone
Windows Phone disappears due to iPhone
Although Microsoft tried, its mobile platform came too late to the market. Windows Phone could not compete with the potential already achieved by Apple and Google in 2010 . In that year, Android was still maturing despite being well behind iOS. By contrast, Apple made the leap to the first applications for the iPad. At present, both companies are still hogging almost the entire global mobile market ( 99.6% market share for both ).

Is Microsoft's final goal in this segment?

The short answer is not (at all). Microsoft continues to sell a limited number of smartphones that run on its latest operating system, Windows 10 Mobile.
However, some decisions reached at the top of Microsoft makes think that if this is not the final purpose, we are quite close. Windows 10 Mobile has only received small updates focused on improving the stability and security of the system .

If we add the bet of Microsoft and its CEO Satya Nadella to focus the company on the world of "smart clouds", everything indicates that Microsoft will eventually retire in the coming months of the smartphone world.
Microsoft stopped manufacturing its own Lumia smartphones a few months ago. According to some American media like The Verge , the company of Redmond will only maintain the support for Windows 10 Mobile until the year 2018 . Like BlackBerry or Nokia, Windows Phone is another victim of the iPhone (and Android phones).
Original iPhone
Original iPhone
These devices have revolutionized the mobile market by marking a before and after among the consumers themselves. An industry where if you succeed, you become very rich. However, if you do not, you end up dying ... ask the BlackBerry, Nokia or Palm .
Gone are the years when Steve Ballmer (former CEO of Microsoft) laughed at the price and touch screen of the iPhone when Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. They went from laughing at the iPhone to try to copy their tactics of creating devices with their own hardware and software , however, they came to the market very late and that along with the lack of official applications ended up penalizing them in excess. I guess it's always good to remember the saying that says, "He who laughs last, laughs best ."
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