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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Is facial recognition a secure authentication method?

Today we heard the news that Apple would be working on using face recognition as a method of identification, leaving aside the Touch ID . Of course the news is one of the many that thicken the list of rumors and come from different analysts, who use the leaks, some "internal sources" and their knowledge of Apple to make such an affirmation.
Using facial recognition to identify a person in a photograph and group them by user, identify objects and obtain information from it or even use it as entertainment in applications is something that we have seen work very well, but when it comes to using this technology As a security system , the thing becomes more complicated and a series of questions arise that put in doubt its operation.
Face recognition on the next iPhone
Facial recognition could be used on the next iPhone

Is facial recognition safe enough?

Using facial recognition as a means of authentication is not something new , we have seen it on many mobile devices with different results. 
Android tried to use this technique a few years ago, back in 2012 , although it really did not succeed in attracting users. Perhaps by then the technology was not developed enough .
Facial recognition on Android
Facial recognition used in Android Ice Cream Sandwich
At that time, many were able to "circumvent" the device lock by putting a photograph of the user in front of the camera, making the security of this method really affected. 
The time passed, and Samsung decided to reuse this technology in its brand new Galaxy S8 , with a noticeable improvement in software.
Currently there are few devices that use facial recognition for their release, and in most cases it is very easy to violate this "security" , which could say that today facial recognition is not a technique too safe.

Will it work in low light conditions?

Assuming that a manufacturer manages to improve the safety of facial recognition, a lot of doubt is its behavior in low light conditions 
If the face recognition we saw to date is not too safe, reducing the lighting all we achieved is to make the situation worse, as it is not only insecure, it is very difficult for the software to identify the user. So the lighting factor should be taken into account by Apple , if you plan to use facial recognition quickly and safely.

Will it be fast enough?

From what we saw on devices using this technology, it really works very fast and is very useful for unlocking a device without needing a fingerprint or key. The time it takes the device to unlock will depend on the hardware used, software, along with other conditioning factors such as lighting.
Apple Pay could work with facial recognition
Apple Pay could work with facial recognition

What will happen to Apple Pay?

One of the uses of the Touch ID is the identification used by Apple Pay to operate safely. 
As we have seen, Apple Pay continues to expand (though not at the rate we want), so it is assumed that if Apple decides to remove the Touch ID will use facial recognition to authenticate the user and process the payment.

How will you solve these Apple drawbacks?

Apple is not always the first company to launch a feature or technology, it was not with the Touch ID , nor with the 3D Touch and will not be using facial recognition to authenticate a user. But many will agree that when Apple introduces a novelty, this usually takes a certain amount of development time and usually works very well. In Tim Cook's own words :
Apple has not stood out for being the first company to launch a product, although if in doing the best.
Some rumors say that the next iPhone will have a double front camera , which would allow to obtain a three-dimensional image of the user , thus avoiding attempts to violate the security of the device with a simple image.
That's why we could think that Apple has been working on this technology for some time and hopefully when presenting it is an excellent alternative to replace the secure, fast and efficient Touch ID .

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