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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jailbreak will disappear sooner rather than later

A few years ago we could find in the panorama of Apple many users who had jailbroken on their devices , not as a hacking tool or to hack other phones, but as an alternative to perform certain functions that did not allow them to perform a system Operative that at that time was much more closed than now.
Nowadays the thing has changed a lot, since for several years Apple has bet on iOS operating system with the same design that continues to love users , but much more open than it was in its beginnings.

IOS can not be like Android

Many users in the Android world complain about Apple's closed ecosystem with its apple products, being accustomed to an operating system where everything can be customized and changed to suit each user something that of course also has disadvantages.
One of the big disadvantages of Android being such an open ecosystem is that manufacturers almost have no control over the software itself, which often causes the terminals to stop receiving software updates, more for this uncontrolled within their ecosystem than By the lack of power in the terminals.

Apple is opening its operating system

In recent years we have seen how Apple listened to its users and has been opening its operating system , allowing among other things that applications can interact with each other, and that developers have access to some of the tools of the people of Cupertino .
These facts undoubtedly have been the ones that have motivated that the great majority of those users who habitually made jailbreak, today do not even remember it .
Undoubtedly iOS 11 is the best example of all this, when it is the update that more game is going to give by the great possibilities that it gives to the developers and users. Precisely this is why we think that Apple with its iOS is one step ahead of Android, and of course with all the changes that has introduced in recent years has made users completely forget the jailbreak .

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