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Friday, July 7, 2017

Jay-Z's new album is already on Apple Music

Recently it turned out one of the most successful platforms that Apple has created throughout its history, Apple Music . This new application for our Californian brand products was the perfect alternative and at the same time direct competition to Spotify and other ways to listen to music in streaming.
Inside we have the ability to listen to artists and voices of great prestige , leaving aside that we can have all the songs of all our favorite singers, from hip hop with Eminem to the most pop of the moment with public figures such as Taylor Swift.

Controversy sells

Logo Apple Music
As we have just said, we have access to the discography of great personalities within the world of music and its variants, but until now we did not have the power to listen to one of the oldest and richest rappers in history , This section to names like 50 Cent or the same and previously mentioned Eminem, its name will be familiar to you, Jay-Z .
This rapper and dominator of hip hop in all its variants has been very controversial and controversial over the years, but this is not uncommon, since it is common in this genre of American music to criticize public figures or shamelessly insult something Or someone in particular . A clear example of this is Eminem insulting people like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga.
Jay-Z has never been part of the Apple Music family, until now and after having committed one of the biggest follies he has written and sung in his songs insulting one of the leaders of this platform and at the same time creator of the most helmets The Beats , which even has its own alternative to Apple Music called Beats 1, which two years ago also.
This rapper said the following about Apple Music's chief manager, Jimmy Lovine :
 F *** a slice of the apple pie, want my own cake Chargin 'my own fate Respect Jimmy Iovine But he gotta respect the Elohim as a whole new regime
Front Kanye West B & W
Leaving this and all the controversy aside, Jay-Z has joined Apple Music with his new album, the same one that insults this man, the album is called 4:44 and just left today on the platform . On the other hand, Kanye West, one of the great names in the African-American musical culture, has today taken his exit from Apple after the end of his contract with Tidal.

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