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Monday, July 3, 2017

KGI says iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known KGI analyst, Apple would have decided that the iPhone 8 lacked Touch ID , the fingerprint sensor that came from the hand of the iPhone 5s.
According to his statements, the iPhone 8 will virtually eliminate all the edges of its front, thus becoming the mobile phone that more usable screen would offer the market.
Because of this, Apple will remove the physical button to offer a virtual button , which according to its statements, would not include Touch ID due to numerous problems to enter it on the same screen.

The iPhone 8 could stop counting on Touch ID because of its design

"The next iPhone model, which will feature an OLED screen, will not offer the fingerprint sensor because of the following points: The full-screen design with the next iPhone will not support existing capacitive fingerprint recognition at this time. The inclusion of a fingerprint reader under the screen still presents some technical problems. In this way, and how the next iPhone with OLED screen will not finally offer a fingerprint sensor, it is expected that it will not suffer any delay as we did at first.
Similarly, Kuo believes that both the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus would have Touch ID because of its design, which will be practically coupled with the one currently offered by the iPhone 7.
That's why Apple would have devised new ways to safely unlock the iPhone 8, these being the facial recognition or iris and Siri voice recognition, which would be able to identify the owner's voice to perform some functions Specific.
In short, if this rumor is right, Apple would remove from the iPhone 8 one of the most useful and most used features on a day to day basis , a move that I personally think will not sit well with its users.

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