Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Living Earth, time one step furtherLiving Earth, time one step further

I recently helped you to interpret the parameters of the native application Time , which is quite good and to get out of step comes pretty well. Today we take a step there to show you a much more complete application and get a much more complete experience . We're talking about Living Earth.
We know that there are many applications of time , but this little jewel is a development worldwide and what strikes is its interface with the globe. As we will have the location activated, we will leave our position with a blue dot. You will be able to verify that normally they appear clouds, retain this data, since if you are in Spain it will leave all Europe, and almost all Africa. Try to slide your finger on the planet and you can move it. Incredible, and if we return to the data of the clouds, you know that the map of them is almost in real time with intervals of 3 hours .
We can add as many cities as we want to know their current time and forecast, also shows the time in real time of the place in question. As I like meteorological weather I have added to Oymyakon, considered as the coldest city on the planet . In January it is very curious to see the little light they have and the temperatures of vertigo that they reach.
Living Earth gives live maps of conditions of temperature, humidity and winds, as well as tropical cyclones and hurricanes, in my case I have activated notifications for those of the Atlantic Ocean. It also gives the view of snow and ice coverage, in addition to other seasonal changes around the world . It can be used as an alarm clock with your favorite playlist so you can get out of bed with a view of the globe.
Meteo clouds
The weather forecast offers it by hourly intervals up to 4 days , past that number gives you the prediction for 12. I do not like the forecast to be so long term because the weather is unpredictable at times, but it must be said that for 3-4 Days is usually very reliable.
It's a paid app, but it's really worth what it costs. Tell us if you use it, your experiences with it or you can recommend your favorite application. We are waiting for you in comments .
Living Earth - Clock & Weather
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