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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Looking for a job? We bring you the best apps to find it

If you are looking for work you may be interested in knowing that you can find it from your mobile. Quickly and easily you can find job offers thanks to different applications that we present in this post and that you can download to your mobile.

Find work with these apps

Sometimes the job search can become desperate to find no job that suits our needs. It can also be frustrating to be delivering your Curriculum in hand company by company. That's why we bring you a list of applications to find employment very easily from your mobile. We can not guarantee you find a job with them, but surely you will find some other offer that interests you.
Jobtoday to find a job
-Jobtoday: One of the best known. You probably have seen this app advertise on TV, but you do not know how it works. Tell you that in this application you will find the job offers that are closest to you. You can sign up for an offer and within a maximum of 24 hours you will have an answer. In addition, it includes a chat to contact the companies. You can download it here .
CornerJob to find a job
-CornerJob: This app was awarded in 2016 by Apple as one of the best. Just like the previous one, it allows you to find the nearest jobs because they are geolocated by GPS. You will also receive a response within 24 hours. You can download it here .
Infojobs to find work
-Infojobs: One of the most popular websites for job seekers and job seekers, it is also available as an application. With this app you can search and sign up for the offers that interest you most and you can also follow the process of your application. You can download it here .

-Indeed: It is one of the most popular job search portals, but what many do not know is that it also has an application. You can upload your resume and start looking for offers depending on the position you want and the location. This search engine has other useful filters to find a position that suits you. You can download it here .
Job Search Indeed
-LinkedIn: The social network of work par excellence has a fantastic app with which you can modify your profile, see recommended jobs based on your searches. You will also receive notifications when jobs are available depending on your requirements. In addition, the registration process for new jobs will be easy because your LinkedIn profile will be used. You can download it here .
Eures to find work
-Eures: This application is the ideal if you are looking for work in any country in Europe, as you will find you job offers in European countries. If you are thinking of changing planes and learning other languages ​​and cultures, this application could help you find a job in another country with which to start a new adventure. You can download it here .

Good luck!

Say that all these apps are not only available on the iOS App Store, but also find them on the Google Play Android.

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