Monday, July 10, 2017

Make quality night shots with your iPhone

Today we go to the load with some photographic advice when making night shots with our iPhone or iPad. I recognize that taking pictures at night with a camera that is part of other device is quite a challenge, but not for that we will stop trying, we can get great things .
Night shift
First, the night is a time when light is scarce and therefore we must focus our attention on the possible points of light that we find, focusing the interest in them . Look for them and take advantage of them. It is also advisable to leave the comfort zone of the native application of our device. It's not that it works badly, it does very well, but maybe we can not get all the juice out. I have a couple of them that are my favorites, one is ProCam 4 and the other Camera +. With both, and especially with the first, you can play with many parameters. For example, the ISO sensitivity. This parameter measures the reaction of the lens sensor against a certain level of ambient light . Therefore it is very necessary to play with it when we take photos at night
Milwaukee by night
Also remember to use the HDR mode . This system captures an overexposed and underexposed photo and mixes them, so you can get good results . If it does not convince you, go back to manual mode and go experimenting. It is also advisable to use a small tripod so that the stabilization is not affected. Working with few light conditions and above all, if we use ProCam 4, in which we are varying parameters manually, causes them to get moved. For little money you get one .
Vancouver at night
One last tip might be to use filters in nighttime photographs. Remember to choose well, I always say that filters in photography are like spices in the kitchen, you have to give the right point . In the evening snapshots you can use the black and white, which normally reduce noise and can help you get what you want. Try it, you put the limit.
July night
What do you do to photograph at night? Do you like this time of day to shoot? We await your answers and suggestions in comments.
ProCam 4 - Manual Camera + RAW
Camera +
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