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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Manage your finances with these great apps

It is not always easy to manage our finances. Sometimes it can become a real headache. But there are more than correct solutions to avoid such  comecocos.
If you would like to manage your finances in a simple way having all your accounts up to date, as well as calculating forecasts of both expenses and income, and also you would like to manage it from your iPhone, this is your post.

Applications to manage your finances:

Here are some applications that will allow you to keep track of your finances from your mobile. In addition, most of them show you graphs and reports that will make everything much more visual. We warn that some of these applications and / or access to some functionalities, are of payment.
iPhone Screenshot 3
-CoinKeeper:  Recommended by one of our users, this application counts with support with more than one hundred thousand active users and some great reviews. This fabulous app will help you keep your accounts up to date and know how much and how much you spend your money. You can download it here .
-MoneyWiz 2:  This application is one of the most popular in the industry. It is able to carry out an exhaustive control of your money through a record of expenses and income. It also gives you the ability to create budgets and control your bills and invoices. It should be noted that it is multi-device. You can download it here .
iPhone Screenshot 1
-MyValue:  With this app you can take control of your finances and know where your income will stop in a very visual and simple. You can also receive guidance on where you could spend your money on your monthly expenses. This application also has a fantastic tool that will inform you when you will be charged each receipt. You can download it here.
iPhone Screenshot 2
-Fintonic:  No, it's not a variant of gintonic. It is a fabulous application with which, according to its motto, "never was so easy to have under control your money". With it we will be able to manage our accounts with an important support from the application and is to warn us if something important happens with our money, such as duplicate charges, overdrafts and commissions. You can download it here .
-Monefy:  This application allows you to intuitively register your expenses quickly and add categories. Based on the data will generate graphs. You can also schedule periodic reports, make budgets and backup your data and upload them to clouds like Dropbox. You can download it here .
Blockchain - Bitcoin Wallet
-Blockchain - Bitcoin Wallet:  If you want to manage your bitcoins we recommend this application with which you can do it. Besides allowing you to make payments and buy more Bitcoins, it will help you to make a detailed balance of all your efforts. It also has important security measures so that both your data and your accounts are totally private. If you do not know what are the bitcoins we recommend reading this article published a few weeks ago on our website. You can download it here .
Each one will give a greater or less importance to money, but what is clear is that it is an important topic and that, surely, you can manage in a very simple way with any of the applications that we have shown in this article. Do not hesitate to leave us comments on your experience with these apps or any other that does not appear in this post.

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