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Monday, July 31, 2017

Marching a new round of free apps for a limited time

Today we have a very good round of free applications for you to enjoy at ease these first days of August. And although we are in the middle of summer, feeling the sea breeze, the infernal heat, or that you are in the southern hemisphere you are feeling the cold of winter, it is always good weather to download a few new apps In our terminal. Especially if they are offers available for a limited time.

Munkey Vs Ninjas

Let's start with something simple. A little game with relaxing while we have nothing to do, to spend those boring hours born of excess free time (If that can exist). In Munkey vs. Ninjas you will have the duty to defend your territory against the invasion of evil ninjas , and for this, you will have to make use of your ingenuity ... And a good pile of gunpowder.


Now, let's take a look at the future. Surely after the summer you will find an album full of completely new photos that will remind you how fun the season has been. However, I'm sure you'll want your photos to brighten like never before, so we bring you a simple editor that will allow you to add some effects to your images so that you can at least entertain them by editing them.


Finally, let's talk about business. And is that summer is the perfect season to make new contacts, especially when you do not have to be worrying about the image you give as an employee. That's why, it will be good to have an app that allows you to have all the business cards you receive just by taking a photo , and that's where CamCard comes in. To summarize, you will not lose even one when you return to work.

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