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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Meet the latest advancement of the Apple Park

From time to time, from NewCydiaTweaks we like to show the progress being made in the next official headquarters of the California firm . For those who do not know this new construction would have the goal of hosting a large number of rooms and reserved spaces, becoming the main base of operations of Apple.
Apple Park is expected to have research and development departments , which is one of the main nerves in the development of new technologies. On the other hand, the whole building will be completely sustainable , since it will use the solar panels to be able to produce all the electricity that needs.

The Apple Park opening is now less

Once again, thanks to Matthew Roberts we were able to see the last advance of the month of July. On this occasion, we can already distinguish the different plantations and vegetation that would incorporate those of Cupertino in its new headquarters.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Apple Park is its incredible theater. And Steve Jobs's theater(which is the name with which it has been baptized) would become the new space of presentations of the firm.
Recall that this new headquarters would also include a kind of barn to store all the necessary tools used in the maintenance of the different green spaces with which the building will count.
Likewise, the farmer will allow us to create an allusion to the term "computer farm" giving it a less interesting connotation.
As we can see in the video are gradually finalizing the works , and is that every time is less to be able to enjoy the new building of the apple, which gradually appear different people, whose mission is to go Accommodating the enclosure following the guidelines of the Apple company philosophy .

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