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Monday, July 3, 2017

Mr. Kanye West Leaves Tidal

Notably, by 2015, the platform was acquired Tidal music by Jay Z rapper . For those who do not know this platform, Tidal is a streaming music service. Its future is something uncertain, since during the last years it has suffered great falls, being one of the main reasons the instability and conflicts of the maximum responsible ones.
Without going further, it is estimated that during the last two years , there have been three different bosses who have reached the highest position of the company. In the last hours, it has been known that Mr. Kanye West has decided to leave the platform.

Kanye West says goodbye to Tidal platform

Apparently, the main reason for this abandonment would lie in the economic issue , since he would not be happy with the money he would have received for his last great work, his album The Life of Pablo.
Let's emphasize that one of the great strategies carried out by Tidal is to capture certain exclusive artists, with the main objective of attracting new subscribers and customers to the platform. And is that today is very difficult to compete with the almighty Spotify, since there is no doubt that this is the great queen of the sector.
That is why the company got nothing more and nothing less than about 1.5 million subscribers with the exclusive release of their latest album. Apparently, the Tidal platform currently has about 3 million paid subscribers .
Front Kanye West B & W
From my point of view, this new movement is about a strategy for the benefit of the company itself in streaming music, with the aim of seeking the impact of the media and be news.

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