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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Navigate without leaving a trace on your iPhone with these apps

Users of iPhone and iPad have it clear, we know that the best web browsing apps in the iOS App Store are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini and Safari (native). But there are many more applications that will allow you to explore web pages with exclusive features.
A clear example of this are the anonymous web browsing applications. In today's apps collection we will recommend the best anonymous browsing web browsers so you do not leave a trace on your iPhone or iPad.
But this time we do not talk about applications that casually have an anonymous web browsing option in their configuration settings. No, no, these are applications that are specially developed and designed to function anonymously . Will you accompany us to discover them?

Anonymous web browsing applications for iPhone and iPad

TOR Browser

The TOR Browser application will prevent anyone from viewing your Internet connection so that they can not see the web pages you visit. Similarly, the app prevents web pages from recognizing your device and your location. In addition, it will allow you to access blocked websites in your country, and in Spain there are many ...

VPN Browser

VPN Browser has very interesting functions that allow access to the Tor network, hide your IP address, use anonymous web services, and unlimited VPN.

Onion Browser

With Onion Browser for iPhone and iPad you can also create your own secure connection to another network from iOS. Data traffic is sent safely. It has access to Tor, hidden IPs, avoids crawling your web browsing and much more.
Before finishing it is necessary to emphasize that these applications, depending on the functions that have activated, can slow down your web navigation of considerable form since with VPN the traffic is encrypted and is slightly slower in the Tor network. But it has many advantages!

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