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Thursday, July 13, 2017

No more drones in the Apple Park

It's amazing the buzz and news lately about Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino, Southern California . This great new and contemporary apple company house is the central of a more futuristic and unrealistic company you can imagine, in fact, it is so big that they are hiring people to practice as tour guides in order to meet the needs of The most loyal and curious followers that this company possesses.

No more drones

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0
Until very recently we could see news about the evolution that has experienced the Apple Park in recent months. Even a company that bought some satellites to Google, Planet Labs , has made a video of 18 seconds showing all the changes in the structure thanks to these eyes that have in orbit. Another way of knowing more about this great dome of the technology was thanks to the drones, something that has been recently illegal . This was known at the time when an owner of these expensive flying contraptions was stopped by a security guard hired by Apple with the sole and exclusive function of arresting such people.
The Apple park, setting aside that is breathtaking for a person's eyesight, has quite curious effects around it. One of these changes is the increase in the value of the houses closer to this new headquarters in Cupertino, since they have come to see houses that have gone from being worth $ 750,000 to $ 1.5 million in just 6 years . Even with this great favor they make to the neighbors, there are some who complain that the dust of the work makes their car stained, but Apple has already given more than a bonus to wash cars among these people.
Going back to why Apple not allow people to fly over its facilities with drones, have no legal motive, since in the United States you have to declare that the area you own is being annoyed by this type of objects, either For simple annoyance or because they can reveal professional secrets of interest. In any case, we understand that this type of things can cause great embarrassment to the Cupertino company, but if they want to make it illegal to fly over their area, they will have to look for a good reason.

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