Sunday, July 9, 2017

Play the piano thanks to your iPad with Skoove

Today we echo an application that will delight all those who love music , and the piano in particular. The development of applications of musical self-learning is increasing, being able to make us save time and money. The availability of being able to practice whenever and wherever you wanted was something unthinkable until very recently.
It is not the first application that comes out of this type , but perhaps it is the most complete. Skoove is a new iPad app that helps you learn to play the piano from iOS. The application includes more than 250 interactive lessons and courses you can follow at home as if your iPad was a private piano teacher . The application includes a limited number of free piano lessons to try out on your iPad, and a monthly subscription to Skoove Premium that includes unlimited access to the complete library of courses with new lessons added monthly.
If you go for the premium version, the complete experience of Skoove, you can achieve your goals more quickly by practicing more lessons , gaining more knowledge and expanding your musical repertoire. The catalog of artists is very varied, from classic authors to The Beatles or ColdPlay. This premium service also gives us the possibility to ask questions to the faculty, and that these are solved in a particular way , a multimedia experience pushed to the limit.
Skoove for iPad includes touch detection and feedback in real time when played wirelessly, thanks to the built-in microphone of the iPad. That is, he is able to evaluate you in your practice. Skoove highlights notes on the screen while playing live, and even includes lessons on theory and music composition . We have left and right hand exercises, accompaniment, melodies and chords, as well as musical improvisation.
Surely Skoove is able to get you all the music you have inside, remember that there are no excuses to do so since the application makes it very simple, it is also very enjoyable . Post your impressions in comments and tell us what you think.
Skoove - Learn Piano

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